Single Line Toe Ring (pair) 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Single Line Toe Ring

Toe Rings don’t require any introduction and are the most popular jewellery item for ages. For instance, different forms of toe rings are available and have been worn by queens and kings. They used to wear diamond precious toe rings or rare gemstones. Now it’s time for customized jewellery or some designer ones. The Single Line Toe Ring is very different and new among the people. That’s why it’s in high demand and carries a separate style.

Single Line Toe Ring is made of 92.5 silver with cubic zirconia. The sterling silver gives great shine and quality which is more improved by the gemstone. This one is the best form as it offers a royal look along with the latest trend. More people are trying to get these designs because of the several benefits in terms of fashion and comfort.

Facts Used For Single Line Toe Ring

  • Wearing of Toe Rings by married women on the second finger of feet is a common practice in India.
  • Though it is observed as a symbol of married women,it has scientific significance.
  • By wearing this in both feet, it is believed that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals.
  • Also, nerve in the second finger from toe, connects the uterus. Most women do not have regular periods due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyles.
  • Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.
  • Gold is never used for Toe Rings and never worn below waist. In ‘Ramayana’, when Sita is abducted by Raavan she throws off her jewellers along with toe rings as an identification when Ram tries to trace her.
  • Toe Rings were introduced to the United States by Marjorie Borell who, after returning from India began manufacturing and selling them in New York in 1973.
  • Reflexology also mentions about treating gynaecological problems by massaging the second toe. Some Men frequently wear a ring one big toe for curative purposes or to augment their masculine vigor
  • Second toe also connects to Eyes and regular massage there will keep eyes relaxed.


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