Natural Seashell Saree Pin 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Natural Seashell Saree Pin

For all the ladies out there we have handcrafted Best Natural Seashell Saree Pin. These amazingly beautiful saree pins are meant for you. Meanwhile, these saree pins are crafted from 92.5 hallmark silver. If you are always fascinated by seashells then these are for you. These are customized saree pins that can be further customized as per your requirements. Natural Seashell Saree Pin, you can were them on any occasion and they will look great on any outfit. People are going to whisper about you when you will go to any party, club, or social gathering.

We are delivering all over India. And you can get free shipping also if you order a piece of jewellery worth rupees more than 1000. This saree pin made from exclusive real seashells. This saree pin will not only keep your pallu in its place but also looks amazingly beautiful on you. It will embrace the overall traditional look that you are opting for. Although it’s a saree pin it can be used to tuck in or you can go creative with this pin on your different outfits & dresses.

We only make limited pieces of Natural Seashell Saree Pin. It may get out of stock if you wait too long to order. So order now and get your favorite saree pin right away.

Facts Used For Making Natural Seashell Saree Pin

Seashells and chalk are both made of calcium carbonate. By itself, the mineral is brittle, crumbly, M lo, and soft enough to write out a homework assignment. Seashells, on the other hand, are wonderfully resilient. They’re tough, they resist breaking, and they definitely can’t be used to doodle on the sidewalk.

But they’re still primarily CaCO3. So what makes seashells so different? How can both be made of the same stuff? We’re talking about the mineral chalk, by the way – sidewalk and classroom chalk is usually made from a different mineral known as gypsum, but we digress. Both seashells and mineral chalk are the product of living things. Those chalk deposits were generally formed from the gradual buildup and compression of single-celled ocean organisms with calcified shells. But bivalve mollusks like oysters and mussels are much more sophisticated shell-builders.


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