Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra Set 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is one of the most important jewellery for Indian women. We have handcrafted Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra for all the married women out there. Its made up of high-grade 92.5 hallmark silver. Moreover, to glorify its beauty more it has Gemstone Cubic Zirconia (SWAROVSKI). This beautiful mangalsutra has designed in a way that you can wear it daily, anywhere, and everywhere.

We are delivering Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra to all over India. Certainly, you can get free shipping also if your jewellery order is worth rupees more than 1000.

we only left with limited pieces of this beautiful mangalsutra. So order now, before all of them get sold out.

Facts Used For Making Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra

The wife when she wears the mangalsutra shields the husband and the family from any bad luck and danger. And the gold pendant itself is a representative of the supreme goddess. So it’s not just a piece of jewelry, it has a lot of intensions and meanings. Surrounding one’s married and the family life. And the connection with the goddess to look after family throughout their married life.

There are health benefits of wearing a mangalsutra which was actually documented in our Vedas many many centuries ago. So one of the components is gold and according to Ayurveda gold has got certain healing properties to do with their circulation and heart. It’s believed that wearing the mangalsutra by the heart attracts the cosmic waves from the surroundings and aids in all body functions. It’s considered to help to maintain the happy relationship between husband and wife. Helps to develop the immune system, regularizes the blood flow and energy.

More Facts

It stimulates what we call the Surya Nadi or a chakra in a women’s body. That it awakens the inherent energy she basin her. So it’s not just a piece of jewellery or a fashion accessory. It’s a symbol of eternal love respect and trust that a husband has with his wife.

The designs of the mangalsutra have evolved over the years, but the divine significance continues to remain unaltered. So although the story there and a lot of modernization happened. It’s still part of Hinduism. These days you can buy manganese of all shapes and sizes. They come with the use of diamonds or incorporate other gems as well.

Wives are even getting lockets engraving couple’s names on them. And even volume has promoted nowadays.

In Bollywood movies whenever they find that the hero is in danger the wife is praying to the lord with mangalsutra and vowing that the mangalsutra is going to protect her husband and this story has been laid down for centuries in ours.

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