Cute Teddy Necklace 92.5 Hallmark Silver For Kids India 2021

Cute Teddy Necklace

We have handcrafted this cute Teddy Necklace chainset for your kids. Its made up of 92.5 hallmark silver. It’s a customized piece of jewellery and can be further customized as per your requirements. We are delivering this Cute Teddy Necklace all over India. Above all, the best part is you don’t need to pay any shipping charge for this teddy necklace.

We have left with limited pieces of this teddy necklace. So you have to be really quick while placing your order. Because it may get out of stock soon.

Facts Inspired Us To Make Cute Teddy Necklace

The teddy bear, the simple cuddly stuffed toy has been popular for generations. There are many variations in size, color, and texture. Here are some interesting facts about teddy bears You may not already know.

The origin of the name teddy bear came from president Theodore Teddy Roosevelt in 1902 during a hunting trip Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that and been caught the bear had been tied down and tortured. So Roosevelt felt it was bad sportsmanship to shoot the animal. He ordered it to be killed only to put it out of its misery. However, by a cartoon depicting Roosevelt refusing to kill the bear surfaced and this is where the teddy bear name originated.

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was written in 1837 by Robert Southey in southeast Ridge “story the visitor to the bear’s house was an ugly old woman Goldilocks only entered the tail in later versions having Goldilocks be a child. Certainly makes the story less creepy.

In 1902 in Germany the company Steiff launched spare 55 PB the first toy bear with jointed arms and legs. Steiff remains a very popular brand today even having its own museum in Germany. The museum shows how they create teddy bears and where it all started. They create some amazing teddy bears including ones with metal structures that let you climb on the bears.

The term bear hugs predate teddy bears by around 50 years. The term bear hug was first recorded in 1846. The first teddy bear was created in 1902.

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