Cute Shell Charm Choker 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Cute Shell Charm Choker

We have handcrafted this amazingly beautiful Cute Shell Charm Choker for all the ladies out there. It’s made up of a very high-grade silver that is 92.5 hallmark silver. You can wear this choker as a necklace as well. It will look amazing on your neck. People are gonna look at you. They can’t take off their eyes from you. This Choker not only completes your look but also complements your dress.  You can wear it on any outfit you want, but in one opinion it will look more graceful with the western outfits.

We make only limited pieces of this Cute Shell Charm Choker. So you better be ordering right now before it runs out of stock. We are delivering all over India and you can get free shipping as well if your jewellery order is worth more than 1000 rupees.

Facts Used For Cute Shell Charm Choker

  • Many different Native American tribes wore chokers made out of the bones of birds whose spirits. They believed would help ward off all kinds of sicknesses. But the choker would also literally protect the wearer’s throat from attack during battle.
  • So protection was a big reason why people wore chokers, the neck was pretty vulnerable, medicine was pretty bad. Whether it was coming from Ra or bird bones we could all use some good mojo at some point. Likewise, with all jewelery chokers became more than just protective amulets they also became the fashion.
  • And over thousands of years chokers have come in and out of style with nobles and royals around the world. One of the most iconic, historical chokers to me is anne boleyn’s pearl monogram necklace.
  • There are also some really cool illustrations of jewellery that were worn during the mughal empire. In india both men and women were often dripping in jewels at least for the paintings. And if you were going to be dripping in jewels you had to start as high as possible.
  • Chokers were of course also present in one of the most famously opulent times for aristocrats.

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