Customized Name Keychain 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Customized Name Keychain

We have hand-crafted a beautiful Customized Name Keychain for you. Its made up of high-grade silver (92.5 hallmark silver). It is quite strong to hold your keys and yet stylish to flaunt your keys. Customize your name, initials some special words and etc. We can customize anything you want on this beautiful keychain. This is the best meaningful gift that one can gift to their loved ones. Because gifts should be something that can be used in daily routine life. So that person will do remember you every day.

We deliver this beautiful Customized Name Keychain all over India. We have left with limited pieces of this keychain. So order now as very soon they are gonna receive a tag for out of stock.

Facts Inspired Us To Make Customized Name Keychain

Silver helps keep baby food fresh for a longer time, there are many babies or kids who take a very long time to have food, so now you are keeping it in the bowl and there are chances that the food gets spoiled very quickly. Silver has the property to kill these microbes and resit the growth of those bacteria which are harmful to babies. Hence keeping the food fresh for a longer time and hence it’s great for babies. Silver builds immunity in babies. If you have checked many Ayurvedic medicines you can find silver being included as an it chyawanprash or many powders which are suggested by Ayurvedic Doctors to build immunity will have silver in it.

Now when you use a silver bowl to feed babies, and food is warm enough then silver gets infused and gets into the baby’s body and gives them a lot of immunity powers. And keeps them away from infections as much as possible.

Silver is non-toxic and this is another benefit. You may find a lot of colorful bowls, vessels, those are printed with cartoons or flowers, animals and many parents use them to attract babies to the food. Assume that maybe they will have more food because they can see a lot of pictures. But it’s just an assumption truly.


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There is no warranty feature provided by us. Although you can follow some tips to be taken care of to maintain the quality of the product for the long term.


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