Best Rudraksha Evil Eye Bracelet Exclusive Real India 2021

Do you fear the malevolent gaze? That someone can bring you misfortune simply by looking at you.? We are not asking if you have Scopophobia, what we are really saying is, do you believe in the evil eye? If you do then we have handcrafted Best Rudraksha Evil Eye Bracelet for you. But it’s a limited piece of jewellery so you have to order now before it ran out of stock.

It’s made up of real rudraksha and hallmark silver. Definitely protect you from bad energy. With or without chain both options are available. only for a limited period of time so order now before it ran out of stock.

The evil eye is like a nazariya, which keeps the Nazar (negative energy) away. When our immunity is low we get sick. Similarly when we are too stressed or have negative or extreme emotions our aura breaks. The ruptured aura around us absorbs the negativity around us. Evil eye really does work in fighting negative energy.

The evil eye should be placed somewhere, where it can be seen by everyone. In short, it absorbs all negative energy. However Evil eye needs to be cleaned every week.

Some More Facts About RudRaksha

  • The wood of the Rudraksha tree is very tough. So, it was used to build the propellers of airplanes during World War I.
  • Rudraksha mala Japam done with the index finger is for Shatru Nashanam. A middle finger is for wealth. And with a ring finger for peace of mind, with a little finger for beauty care.
  • The Rudraksha beads range from being one face to 21ne faced. However, only 1-14 faced Rudraksha is worn by humans
  • If you wear the Rudraksha mala while meditation and yoga, it increases the benefits of the manifold.
  • These magical beads can control diseases such as stroke, stress level, hypertension. Moreover, give great relief from anxiety depression, and neurotic conditions.
  • Each Rudraksha is connected to a particular planet. Therefore, the effects of the particular Rudraksha can be helpful in either strengthening a planet or nullifying its ill effects.
  • The word Rudraksha is derived from the word Rudra for Shiva) and Aksha leyes).
  • A sinner who wears the Rudraksha mala is liberated of all his sins

Importance of Best Nazariya Bracelet

  • Best Nazariya Bracelet reflect the positive character and optimistic outlook of the person towards life.
  • Best Nazariya Bracelet Bracelet will extract positive energy from the universe and give it to you.
  • This bracelet reflects that you want to pursue spiritualism with no limits. Certainly, it identifies the hardworking trait of a person.
  • Evil eye and Rudraksha will keep the germs and bacteria away and improves the immunity of the person.
  • You can wear it with any outfit and on any occasion. It will give a very sober and fine look rather than creating unnecessary shine.


We are glad to offer you a 15-day refund policy after the delivery of the product. For more information, please check our RETURN POLICY


There is no warranty feature provided by us. Although you can follow some tips to be taken care of to maintain the quality of the product for the long term.

Bracelet size

4 inches, 4.5 inches, 5 inches, 5.5 inches, 6 inches, 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 7.5 inches, 8 inches, 8.5 inches, 9 inches, 9.5 inches, 10 inches


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