Best Rose Gold Baguette Band 92.5 Hallmarked India 2021

Rings are a crucial or important part of jewellery. In India, rings hold great importance since ancient ages. People used to wear rings made of simple metals having a round shape. The same craze or culture is being carried in current life. A wide variety of rings are there across the jewellery market and yet beautiful also. One such ring is a Baguette Band or ring with rose gold. It’s one of the unique and demanding forms of the Baguette. Baguette is a diamond but not always. Any diamond can be shaped into Baguette and is usually small in size. They are used along with big stones to improve their beauty or clustered together. This Baguette Band is a clustered form.

Baguette Band consists of Baguette which is slightly different from the emerald cut. Emerald has angled edges whereas Baguette has sharp edges. Rings are one of the most adorable jewellery when it comes to fashion, looks or even comfort. Therefore rings should be top-notch and of premium quality for a better life. Baguette Band rose gold is the most lovable ring due to its small and classy design. You need to observe to actually admire the beauty of the Baguette Band. This is what separates it from various ring variants.


Baguette Band is made of 92.5 silver (sterling silver) and Gemstone Cubic Zirconia (SWAROVSKI). Sterling silver imparts durability and enhanced glow to the ring whereas gemstone is the heart. The small crafting of the gemstone on a perfect circular base is what grabs the attention. This shows the fine work of art and therefore makes it the first choice of ring admirers.



Importance of Best Rose Gold Baguette Band

  • Tapered Baguette diamond ring helps to impart beautiful shine to the ring without differentiating from the centre stone.
  • Baguette Band has a greater advantage over other rings. The fact is better colour grade and clarity.
  • Baguette diamonds are one of the best ways to add a style to engagement rings. This improves the feel of the ring.
  • They are less expensive than real diamonds but has rocking shine and brilliant quality. Although they can also be very expensive because it’s difficult to cut them from rough shapes and embed them in small perfect sizes. The costs depend on the grade of the stone.
  • Baguette Band provides classic beauty and will never be out of style. This is what genuinely required to have such amazing beauty in trend.




Jewellery is much more than simple ornaments. For some it’s life, it’s feel. Therefore jewellery is changing its form from simple to amazing designs, Baguette Band is the market leader for diamond lovers with no less beauty than actual diamonds. It doesn’t contain actual diamonds but is a tough competitor. It offers super shine, quality from sterling silver and enough strength to survive for long. This ring will help you out to be the star of the party with its eye-catching look. Although you may found it tiny it’s completely worth buying. We have almost care to design such amazing products so that you will always feel special on your special occasions.





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