Best Natural Seashell Pendant 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Natural Seashell Pendant

This Best Natural Seashell Pendant is made up of natural seashells around which a little bit of 92.5 hallmark silver present. we make very few pieces of this exclusive Best Natural Seashell Pendant. so order now before it ran out of stock.

Seashells are the cheapest souvenirs that you can take home from your beach holiday that can be so beautiful at the same time. There are some who take this hobby seriously, and you can’t blame them! Seashells come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are more fascinating facts about seashells that you may or may not know!

Facts Inspired Us To Make Best Natural Seashell Pendant

A lot of people can recognize what a seashell is by just looking at it. But what they don’t know is that a seashell is actually a mollusk’s body part. The shell serves as its protective layer, usually against predators. When the animal dies, the softer parts of its body may either be eaten or may decompose, but the shell remains. Just like humans remain the softer body parts decay but the bones are left intact since the shell and bone have similar compositions.

Before modern types of currency were invented, shells were used as money in some places. The type of shell used as a monetary unit was the pretty-looking money cowry (Cypraea moneta), which was quite valuable. Cowry was important as a form of money at one point or another in South Asia, East Asia, and Africa.

How Natural seashells formed?

Throughout their lives, mollusks grow only one shell. The mantle of a mollusk secretes calcium carbonate and proteins which the animal uses to build a shell. As the mollusk grows, so does the shell, which is also called ‘exoskeleton. The shell gives the mollusk more room for its soft body to grow and develop safely against predators.

There are certain kinds of seashells that are used for different purposes other than decorative uses. Throughout history, seashells have been very useful in a number of ways. These include blade, scraper, canoe bailer, and even bowls.

Yes, you read it right. Besides being pretty, shells are also useful for gardens. They are rich in calcium carbonate, which makes excellent fertilizer and soil conditioner. When you have these shells finely ground you can sprinkle them straight onto the soil. Be sure to incorporate the shell groundswell to receive the benefit.

The Oldest-Known Shell Collections

Shell collecting is one of the oldest-known hobbies. In short, this is proven by the shells collected and preserved in homes at the time of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD.

Shells in the Art World

Conch shells have been known as the trumpets from nature. However, they can be used to blow and make musical sounds. For thousands of years, these shells have been used in places like the Caribbean, Tibet, and Japan for their noise-making ability.


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