Best Moon Ear Studs 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Moon Ear Studs

Are you the women who always fascinated by the moon? Meanwhile, Moon is actually the symbol of love. Like you can’t imagine a romantic date without stars and moon. However, for women, there’s one more thing that they can’t live without is jewellery. So we have combined these two things and we have handcrafted Best Moon Ear Studs. These ear studs are specially made from high-grade silver(92.5 hallmark). These Ear studs are amazingly beautiful. You can wear them on any dress. They not only just look good but also enhances your personality. Moreover, you can wear them at every social gathering. By being not too flashy you can wear them at your office or in any corporate. Above all, they just look awesome on formal dresses as well.

So order your pair of Best Moon Ear Studs now at a special price of 799 rupees only. Valid only for a limited period of time.

Facts Used For Best Moon Ear Studs

  • Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin left a variety of objects on the moon. Included among these was Yuri Gagarin’s cosmonaut medal.
  • There are 160 missing moon rocks from the Apollo 11&17 missions.
  • 0.2g of lunar dust was bought for $442,500 [£280,800].
  • Pizza Hut planned to put its logo onto the moon using lasers. The idea was abandoned when it was discovered the logo would need to be the size of Texas.
  • Apollo 12 crashed a 2.5-ton empty Lunar Module onto the moon. The moon then rang like a bell for an hour, hinting at very strange underground structures.
  • Moonbows, or lunar rainbows, are rainbows caused by light reflecting off the moon. They often appear white, as the light is usually too faint for human eyes.
  • An extreme UV environment on the moon means the flags left there have turned white. The original flag is thought to have been knocked over & reduced to ashes.
  • The moon is actually very dark, with the reflective strength of coal. It reflects light due to the opposition effect. & loses its shadow when directly in the line of sight of a light source e.g. the sun.
  • The first food eaten on the moon was part of Buzz Aldrin’s communion. NASA kept it secret – they had been sued before for reading Genesis as part of the Apollo 8 mission.
  • The moon is moving away from Earth. It spins away at 3.78cm (1.48in] a year – the rate your fingernails grow.
  • We are still unsure how the moon was formed. or a Mars-size rock crashed with Earth breaking away the moon or the moon formed alongside the Earth.


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