Best Leaf Pendant 92.5 Hallmark Silver Rose Gold India 2021

Jewelry is the most amazing thing for a woman, she can live without a man but can’t without jewelry. when it comes to jewellery there are a lot of options available. However, a pendant is one of the famous pieces of jewellery that never goes out of fashion.  It’s not very heavy yet it’s enough for describing who you are. We have handcrafted the best flower design pendant.

It’s made up of 92.5 hallmark silver and starting at only ₹ 899. Its design is so simple and elegant that it can be worn by any woman and it will going to enhance their look.

Facts Inspired Us To Make Best Leaf Pendant

  • Since ancient times, the luminous nature of silver has been associated with the moon and with feminine energy.
  • The chemical symbol for silver is Ag, which is derived from the Proto-Indo European word “herg,” meaning “shiny” or “white.”
  • No word in the English language rhymes with “silver.”
  • Silver is created by exploding stars.
  • Because silver is a germicide, it has traditionally been used to treat wounds, prevent infection, and purify water.
  • One ounce of silver can be drawn into a wire 8,000 feet long. Only gold is more ductile than silver.
  • There is only one gram of silver for every 2.5 tons of earth.
  • Because silver was traditionally associated with medicinal qualities, it was believed that a silver bullet was the only way to kill a werewolf, a condition that was caused by a virus.
  • Some homeopathic enthusiasts are fond of drinking silver because of the metal’s antibacterial properties. However, drinking too much silver actually turns people blue.
  • The words for silver and money are the same in over 14 different languages.

Importance of Best Leaf Pendant

  • The pendant gives you a sober as well as elegant look on every occasion.
  • A customized pendant will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Be it any party, formal occasion, or wedding ceremony. It suits everywhere.
  • Customized pendants improve the beauty and give class to your look.
  • Also, it makes you feel special as you are wearing something creative and trending jewellery.
  • They are the best gift option as they can be crafted in several variations.

If you are thinking for whom this will suit best for?. Well, it can be worn by any woman. Specifically, if you are a nature lover, you like flowers & leaves. You want to contribute to nature a little bit. If you are the one who always thinking about global warming and how to save our planet earth. You want that there should be some essence of nature in your jewelry. And if nature is an integral part of your life then this Best Leaf Pendant is made for you.


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There is no warranty feature provided by us. Although you can follow some tips to be taken care of to maintain the quality of the product for the long term.

Chain length options

Without chain, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches


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