Best Heavy Polki Earrings 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Heavy Polki Earrings

These mind-boggling earrings are made from high-grade silver. Pure silver that is 92.5 hallmarked is used in crafting this beautiful Best Heavy Polki Earrings. These earrings are best suited for traditional wear. Every woman can wear these beautiful earrings. You can wear them to any function, ceremony or parties. basically, these earrings work very well with saree, suits, and all ethnic outfits.

These earrings are gold plated and there’s quite heavy work has been done on them. These earrings are best suited for oval face shapes. Best Heavy Polki Earrings will embrace the look of your face and give a charm to your side profile.

We only have limited pieces of these beautiful earrings. So you have to be really quick to get your hands on these earrings. Otherwise, we may run out of stock.

Facts Inspired Us To Make Best Heavy Polki Earrings

  • The Sumerian women wore crescent-shaped gold hoop earrings at around 2,500 BC, according to archaeologists.
  • In 1,500 BC Egypt, earrings were worn by both men and women. Ancient Egyptian earrings were usually mushroom-shaped studs or plugs to be stretched in the earlobe by an enlarged hole.
  • In the first millennium BC, Greeks and Etruscans wore earrings as a symbol of wealth.
  • They wore hoop earrings, disk earrings, as well as leech secured by a hidden wire, and box-type earrings. All these were stamped out of thin sheets of gold and were embellished with scrolls, flowers, and fine palmettes.
  • Romans began to use gems or colored stones in earrings. This was imitated by other civilizations until the Roman influence began to decline.
  • In the year 330 A.D., the Byzantine’s crescent-shaped, gold filigree earrings, and plain gold hoops with pearl pendants hanging on chains set the trend for ear accessory.
  • By the late 17th century, earrings became an important part of dressing up for both men and women. It became lighter and simpler over time.
  • During the 1950s ear piercing for earrings re-emerged and began a trend among college girls, and Queen Elizabeth Il set an example when she had an ear piercing to be able to wear the diamond earrings she received as a wedding gift.


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