Best Heart Pendant 92.5 Hallmarked Silver India 2021

Pendants are an important jewellery items worn since ages. India is a place of differetn culture, fashion, and jewellery hold a great importance in the life of an Indian women. Therefore wide range of jewelleries are available in the fashion world. Jewellery shows the pride , confidence and love towards culture and religion. Now the customized jewellery has taken a graet form which is creating hype among all.Cystomzied jewellery like pendnats, bracelets, rings and even anklets are designed according to your ideas and comfort. Heart pendant is one of the best when it comes to getting actual jewellery that increases the worth of the person. It holds special reason to think for this beautiful jewellery that not only gives amazing look but also makes you feel fresh and new.


Heart pendants is made of 92.5 silver and Cubic Zirconia gemstone which makes it best for kinds of people. The combined combination of sterling silver and gemstone makes it durable, fine in quality and more shiny in looks. The sterling silver has better quality and strength which makes the pendant more handy. Moreover it comes with different chain linegth options ranging from 14 to 24 inches. The perfect structure and design offers great look and makes adorable for every occasion.




  • People believe that pendants contain magical power and protect the wearer from danger and evil.
  • Its light weighted and you can wear it daily or more often.
  • On many of the outfits, you don’t need different pieces of jewellery just designer silver pendants will be enough.
  • Most importantly the designer pendants are in great fashion and anyone can wear it with different outfits on any occasion.
  • Heart Pendant is best for gifting to your loved ones during special occasions.
  • Heart pendant will highlight the positive traits of yours and resemble the loving nature of yours.



Pendants are in great demand because of their trendy feature and stylish and attractive looks. Heart pendant is one of the best when it comes to wearing adorable jewellery with wide advantages. This pendant along with fresh look is also light weighted and comfortable. Therefore its the first choice of all the people. Have you ever thought of wearing some great jewellery ? Yes the customized one is the finest form of art that offers superb look with natural like customization. The best part is you can have wide variety of designs in customized jewellery. This is what makes this form of jewellery the most loving one. For an Indian women jewellery has an important role in her life and heart pendant has taken care of that feeling. Its the perfect time to get some fresh jewellery and be the popular person in every party.


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There is no warranty feature provided by us. Although you can follow some tipsto be taken care of to maintain the quality of the product for the long term.

Chain length options

Without chain, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches


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