Best Hanging Pearl Earrings 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Hanging Pearl Earrings

We have handcrafted mind-boggling beautiful Best Hanging Pearl Earrings for all the pretty ladies out there. It Contains exclusive real pearl which is hanging through the cubical silver pieces. We have used high graded Silver (92.5 hallmark) in making these beautiful earrings. Delivering these earrings all over India.

We make limited pieces of Best Hanging Pearl Earrings. So order your pair of earrings right now before they get out of stock.

Some Facts About Best Hanging Pearl Earrings

What is the mother of pearl? Sometimes you will see it in writing as MOP, all caps. And this is when you open a mollusk, so picture when you open an oyster. The outside of the oyster has sort of a texture. The inside is smooth and kind of iridescent. And that’s true when you open a clam or any other kind of mollusk shellfish. That inside lining of the shell is made of nacre. And it’s known as the mother of pearl.

So why do we call it the mother of pearl? When an irritant gets inside the mollusk, this is what it uses to cover the irritant and create a pearl. That is what a Pearl is made from, from layers of nacre. That’s why we call it the mother of pearl. Because it is what mothers or creates the pearl. mother of pearl is a lot less expensive than pearls. You can imagine why, It’s there on the inside of every shell to be able to be used wheres a pearl is not.

A pearl also takes a long time to grow to get it to be bigger and it can create a lot of work. we go in and we plant irritants into different mollusks to create pearls. But any shell you open has the mother of pearl. That’s able to be used right then and that’s why it’s so much less expensive. Mother of pearl has been used to make beautiful jewelry. It’s also covered knife handles and even boxes have been covered in mother of pearl. You can see it used in all different kinds of ways


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