Best Flower Design Ear Studs 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Flower Design Ear Studs

Flowers are the stars of the earth. Imagine what a garden will look like without flowers. Flowers being with us for a long time. They are very beautiful with a fresh pleasant odor. If you are a flower lover then we have created a mind-boggling piece of jewellery. We have handcrafted Best Flower Design Ear Studs for you. Above all, its made up of 92.5 hallmark silver with rose gold plating over them. Likewise, you can opt for a plain silver option as well.

We only make limited pieces of Best Flower Design Ear Studs. So order your beautiful pair of Ear studs right now.

Facts Used For Best Flower Design Ear Studs

Flowers have been an important part of civilization from the beginning. They have been sprinkled over salads, worshipped for their beauty, and cultivated wherever humans have lived. Although modern people understand the science behind flowers and the role they perform for the plant, blossoms are still draped Over headstones or given to a loved one to symbolize powerful emotions.

Throughout history, flowers have been associated with divine power. For instance, in ancient Greece and Rome, the goddesses Chloris and Flora were responsible for the beauty and protection of flowers. Lotus flowers figure prominently in Hindu mythology: a meditation on the lotus is said to confer wisdom and peace. Flower blossoms also can take on symbolic meaning. Poppies have long been used to commemorate and honor the dead, and in some regions are worn by mourners during funerals.

More Interesting Facts

Flowers can grow to tremendous sizes, smell like rotting meat, or possess any other number of bizarre characteristics. For example, the Titan Arum flower, commonly known as the corpse flower, exudes a strong smell of rotting meat and can grow up to 9 feet tall, making it one of the largest flowers on Earth. Wolffia flowers are the smallest blossoms; they drift on still water and are invisible to the naked eye. The cereus flower only blooms at night and is prized for its exquisite beauty.

Flowers can also take on negative connotations; the beautiful purple foxglove is poisonous and represents insincerity and falseness.

Some varieties of flowers are edible and can even be a delicious compliment to a dish. The sweet petals of the carnation are used to flavor tea and liqueurs and can be included in various desserts. Dandelions are also sweet and can be eaten raw or fermented with wine. Other flowers are dangerous to eat, triggering a variety of health problems. Oleander can cause heart palpitations, which may be deadly for certain people. Eating hydrangea blossoms causes vomiting, abdominal pain, and weakness. Only flowers that are known to be edible should be eaten.


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