Best Fish Ear Studs 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Fish Ear Studs

Do love fishes more than anything? If your answer is yes then we have a beautiful piece of jewellery for you ladies. Best Fish Ear Studs are designed for those who love fishes and always affectionate about them. It is for those who used to go to the aquarium museum to see different types of fishes. These Best Fish Ear Studs are for those who take care of their goldfish more than themselves.

These Ear Studs are made up of high-grade silver (92.5 hallmark silver). And there’s a gold plating over them. You can opt for plain silver as well, both options are available. These ear studs are the newest trends in the world of fashion. So, make a bold entry at any party by wearing our fish ear studs. Everyone’s eyes will be on you and only you.

We only make limited pieces of Fish Ear Studs. So, order now, before it runs out of stock.

Facts Related To Best Fish Ear Studs

  • Goldfish can live up to 40 years.
  • The Stonefish, found in the Indian & Pacific Oceans, has spiny fins filled with Venom that can be fatal to People, who step on them.
  • Electric Eels found in South American rivers produce 500-volt electric pulses to stun prey & deter predators.
  • Sharks are more at risk from humans than we are from them. Shark Fishing, especially for Shark Fins, has seriously depleted numbers of some species.
  • Seahorses are slow movers & never exceed the speed of 9-001 ph (0.001mph).
  • Down in the Cold, Dark gloom of the ocean depths lurk some very strange fish called Angler Fish. These deep-sea fish emit light to attract prey
  • The length of the World’s smallest Fish Paedocypris Progenetica is about 7.9mm (0.3inch).
  • The length of the World’s Biggest Fish Whale Shark is about 13 m
  • Squid can swim at speed of 68mph.
  • The Great White Shark covers a distance of about 20,000km on its migration return trip between South Africa & Australia.
  • The Eel-like pearlfish has a strange relationship with sea cucumber, sausage-like relatives of Starfish
  • The Fish hunts for food at night & lives inside the Sea-Cucumber by day, going in & out of the creature’s bottom.


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