Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Facts Inspired Us to Make Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant

Do you fear the malevolent gaze? That someone can bring you misfortune simply by looking at you.? We are not asking if you have Scopophobia, what we are really saying is, do you believe in the evil eye? If you do then we have handcrafted Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant for you, It’s made up of 92.5 hallmark silver. definitely protect you from bad energy. With or without chain both options are available. only for a limited period of time so order now before it ran out of stock.

It has different names in different languages but humans across various cultures always believed in and feared the malevolent gaze. Or that someone’s envy could bring harm to another’s good fortune. But the evil eye is more than just a trinket. There’s an evil eye charm that can be found on jewellery.  And then there’s a belief in evil eye curse. Which is said to be transmitted through someone’s malicious and envious glare. To protect you from this bad influence we have handcrafted Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant.

And how they are connected is that some people believe that evil eye charm can help dispel or ward off the evil eye curse. In some cultures, it’s even believed that certain eye colors are more effective in casting an evil eye spell than others. But it’s believed the envious eye can sometimes be unintentional. And doesn’t always mean the beholder of the evil eye is necessarily evil themselves.

Some Facts from History About Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant

The earliest version of the eye amulet goes back to 3300 BC. It has evolved in shape and form throughout the millennia. Through the expansion of empires, the beads made their way into various regions of the world. They are still very much part of the culture and traditions of millions of people in our world today.

While the evil eye is often associated with Pagon connotation, there are references to it in several holy books and scriptures. The methods of protection from the evil eye can vary. Muslims for example recite certain prayers and verses from Quran for protection from such curses. Of course, there are many practices across various cultures and religions that involve removing of evil eye from a person.

You are probably like, Dude isn’t all this superstitious. While you are definitely not alone, some people actually swear by the evil eye veracity and have their own explanation for it. Believing in the evil eye and its curse is entirely your call. And we all agree that none of us want that kind of bad energy around us. Therefore order this beautiful Best Evil Eye Baguette Pendant to protect yourself from these bad energies.


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Chain length options

Without chain, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches


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