Best Designer Single Zirconium Band 92.5 Hallmark India 2021

Rings have always been special for every person. Whether it’s a party, wedding or just casual outing rings are an important part of jewellery. Since the ancient time they are following the trend and are an important part of Indian jewellery. Jewellery like a ring, necklace, pedants give trendy style and are of great fashion. They make you more beautiful and enhances the look to great extent.

Zirconium is a transition metal with a silver-grey texture having malleability and ductility. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion and is used in different ways since ancient times.

Best Designer Single Zirconium Band is made of 92..5 hallmarked silver which imparts fine metal strength and shine. You will feel glossy and cool with its elegant look. The most suitable colour is the one with rose gold plating which provides a premium and royal look. The best part is its size is adjustable and you can select your perfect size with zero hassle. Therefore this makes this ring one of the best choices of the first choice of buyers thinking to buy something creative and fresh. Apart from it, the demand is highly increasing because of its uniqueness and the metal worth.


Facts and benefits of Best Designer Single Zirconium Band

  • Zirconium is super resistant to corrosion and therefore be suitable for jewellery to extend its life and quality.
  • It is difficult to scratching thus prevents the rings from losing their colour and texture.
  • Zirconium rings are highly durable and do not bend easily. So you can wear them in rough conditions as well without any worries.
  • These rings are greatly effective and best suited for wedding occasions as they are durable.
  • Designer Single Zirconium Bandis one of the best designer form made of 92.5 silver(sterling silver).
  • The ring giver a beautiful look with simple and small architecture. You will feel comfortable with a zero-hassle situation.
  • Silver metal gives it healing properties. It will protect you from germs and bacterias. Most importantly it will provide you with positive energy and freshness.




The trend is changing and you must change with it to get something best out of that change. Best Designer Single Zirconium Band gives a complete combination of purity, authenticity, creativity and loving jewellery. The design of it is especially for gifting purposes. We take almost care to craft such amazing rings as we know how much importance it holds for you. We choose the best material and it contains sterling silver for the long life of the ring. Jewellery is an art and it needs to be top-notch with great comfort and material quality. Every piece of jewellery hols something really special within it, you just need to identify it with a pure heart.

Be it any variant of the ring, it will always give you soothing power and will heal your body and soul with its beauty. So are you ready to try some amazing rings this season or make your loved ones feel special on their special day?






We are glad to offer you a 15-day refund policy after the delivery of the product. For more information, please check our RETURN POLICY


There is no warranty feature provided by us. Although you can follow some tips to be taken care of to maintain the quality of the product for the long term.

Ring Size (Indian)

Smaller than 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, Larger than 20

Color options

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