Best Customized Moon Choker 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Customized Moon Choker

We have handcrafted this amazingly beautiful Best Customized Moon Choker for all the ladies out there. It’s made up of a very high-grade silver that is 92.5 hallmark silver. You can wear this choker as a necklace as well. It will look amazing on your neck. People are gonna look at you. They can’t take off their eyes from you. This Choker not only completes your look but also complements your dress.  You can wear it on any outfit you want, but in one opinion it will look more graceful with the western outfits.

We make only limited pieces of this Best Customized Moon Choker. So you better be ordering right now before it runs out of stock. We are delivering all over India and you can get free shipping as well if your jewellery order is worth more than 1000 rupees.

Facts Used For Best Customized Moon Choker

  • During the french revolution, some people wore red ribbons around their necks to remember those. Who had lost their heads at the guillotine. During the same time, some British teenagers also adopted the red ribbon trend to make fun of the french and their revolution.
  • The extremely intricate, beaded necklaces of the Maasai and Zulu people. In Africa also carries a hidden meaning different colored beads mean different things and beads are chosen carefully to convey the status and intention of the wearer social status, marital status, etc.
  • Chokers, obviously, were also used to cover up or disguise neck stuff that one didn’t want others to see. For instance, in Germany and Austria in the mid 19th century. Women living in the alps used to wear chokers made of multiple rows of chains to hide lumps and swelling around the throat from a common disease called goiter.

Have you ever thought about why it is important to wear trending? The answer is as you always try to add some little taste to your food to make it. Similarly trending and customized jewellery adds that little flavor to your simple outfit. This Best Customized Moon Choker will make you unique amongst the crowd and a person to remember.


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