Best Customized Asrani Brooch 92.5 Hallmark Silver India 2021

Best Customized Asrani Brooch

This Asrani brooch is inspired by a great Bollywood actor Goverdhan Asrani. We all remember him with his comedian’s voice. Such a legend he was. We have hand-crafted Best Customized Asrani Brooch for all the fans out there. This brooch is made up of 92.5 hallmark silver and painted to look like the Face of Asrani.

We only make limited pieces of this legend’s brooches. So order now before they get out of stock. We deliver all over India and there’s free shipping of over 1000 rupees.

History Inspired Us To Make Best Customized Asrani Brooch

Asrani was born on 1st January 1951 in Rajasthan’s city of Jaipur. His full name is Giverdhan Asrani. His Gary settled down in Jaipur during the partition.

Asrani had four sisters and three brothers. The rest of the family would lean towards the family business. But Asrani had his mind in something else. He didn’t like studies. For instance, he was really weak in mathematics. He somehow passed the 10th grade from St Xavier’s school. And then graduated from Rajasthan Jaipur college. And he also worked as a voice-over artist for all India radio Jaipur.

But his desire was to be an actor. Between 1960 and 62 he learned acting from Sahitya kalbhai Thakkar. And then he moved to Mumbai. He co-incidentally met Kishore Sahi and Hrishikesh Mukherjee here. So, they told him to learn to act professionally.

And Asrani left for FTII Pune. From 1964-66 he completed his course. And then he thought of trying his luck in movies. He was given a role in the movie “Hare kaanch ki chudiya ” this was the year when he worked as a hero in a Gujarati film. He was quite active in Gujarati movies in 1979. But he was still not satisfied with this.

But his movie named “Namak haram ” was a Bollywood masterpiece. Even Gulzar gave him roles in his movies.

Asrani got married to actress Manju who worked with him in quite a few movies.

He has been awarded for best comedian award for few films. Asrani’s name will be taken proudly in the history of Indian cinema.


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